Joining Southern Highlands Model Aero Club

If you are looking to get into model flying or are looking for a new club to join, you are more than welcome to come down & have a chat with us! You’ll usually catch us flying on Saturday afternoon or Sunday mornings from 9am. If you aren’t sure, simply check our Forum where we’ll let you know if we’re flying or not. Our field can sometimes get a little damp when there has been rain throughout the week so it always good to check.

One of our primary focus’ is to foster a layed back and relaxed atmosphere when flying model aircraft. The only sort of stress we are interested in is the type that pulls wings off aircraft! Everything else gets left at the gate. So we encourage you to come down a few weekends so we can get to know each other, help you choose what to buy if you are new to the hobby etc. After a few weeks we’ll suggest you download and print a membership form and bring it down to the field!

Membership fee’s are comprised of a payment to Miniature Aero Sports New South Wales (MASNSW) who are a member of the Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA) which covers insurance costs and a weekly club fee which goes towards the use of the field (Payment of Council Fee’s, Mowing the grass etc…).

Please be advised that our club has a capped limit of active members and our membership is currently very close to that limit. Memberships are only offered to those who come down, have a chat & make themselves known. The club does not accept cold membership applications.